18″ Airless Confetti Launcher with Metallic Confetti Strips



18" Double sided pre-loaded disposable tube filled with Metallic confetti  strips. Metallic Strips are 6" long pieces of Metallic confetti. When released out of the tube they give a unique  "twinkling star" special effect. These Airless Flick Sticks can be used in low ceilings (9' to 10')  if the tube is flicked horizontally. When flicked vertically the metallic confetti strips will fly out of the tube  20' to 25' high into the air. A glamorous effect which  will create a "Memorable Moment at any event! The  Metallic Confetti Strips are made from flame  retardant PVC film.

**All Custom color orders, please allow 1-2 weeks manufacturer and delivery time.**

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