CFXP Double Barrel Aluminum Confetti Cannon 12V Wireless




Our CFXP double barreled confetti cannons are built out of aluminum and weigh 26.5 lbs. These cannons provide a one-time blast of confetti or streamers in any direction you point them in. Our cannons can shoot confetti up to 50 feet and streamers (depending on size and shape) up to 75 feet. These cannons can hold 2-3 – 18″x 7/8″ product sleeves per barrel whether it is streamer or confetti form.

Our CFXP cannons can come in a 12V D/C wireless power source or a 110V A/C power source. Special applications such as 220V A/C or 24V D/C are also available upon request. These set-ups can be daisy chained together and shot on the same or multiple cues. We use compressed air in our cannons from 100-120 psi to provide their blasts.

CFXP DBL Barrel 12V D/C Wireless cannons are available for $1750.00 ea. Included with the cannon is a 1 receiver and 1 remote.

Our A/C cannon set-ups are available for rental @ $85.00 per day. Long term rates are also available.

Our D/C wireless cannon set-ups are also available for $125.00 per day. Long term rates are also available. Shipping costs are extra.

Contact us for sales & rental options.

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Weight 28 lbs


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