Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Isn’t confetti launched in small little pieces?

A: At Confetti FX Planet, we use theatrical confetti materials which are either streamers or slowfall confetti (squares or rectangles). Our Streamers are usually ¾” x 20’- 30’ long. Our Slowfall confetti has a size of ¾” inch by 2 inches. We do have smaller confetti and confetti shapes and that is available by special order.

Q: What is the difference between streamers and slowfall?

A: Streamers are long streams of confetti usually between 6 and 30 feet, but can be longer by special order. Streamers are great for a momentary shower of long confetti streamers. This is the most commonly used confetti type because of its effect and ease of clean up.

Slowfall confetti is rectangle confetti ( ½”- 2” x ½” – 2 inches, depends on the application) that are die cut to the appropriate size to have a flying and floating effect. This type of confetti provides a much longer floating effect and is great for moments where a continuous confetti effect is needed. This type of confetti is used at many events.

Q: What is the difference between tissue and metallic confetti?

A: Tissue confetti is made of paper tissue and can be offered in both streamers and slowfall in a multitude of colors. Tissue confetti is chemically treated to make it flameproof for safety. When launched, tissue confetti stays in the air longer.

Metallic confetti on the other hand is made of PVC with a metallic finish to give it a shiny reflective finish. Metallic confetti is also offered in both streamers and slowfall in a multitude of colors. Metallic confetti is slightly heavier than its tissue counterpart so when launched, it stays in the air for a shorter period of time, however, it has a much more elegant shimmering effect which makes it the most popular confetti material.

***One caution with metallic confetti is to never launch it near any exposed power lines as this type of confetti has a metallic finish, it is conductive and can short out power if they are launched and land on power lines. Never launch metallic confetti where exposed power lines are nearby.

Q: Does confetti create a big mess? 

A: It does not have to. If your use streamers, clean-up is easy as streamers can be rolled up in to a ball and and thrown away in the trash. For slowfall confetti, the use of an electric or gas blower to blow the slowfall confetti into a corner and use a shop-vac to vacuum it up. You will find that at many events, your attendees will take much of the confetti home with them. Confetti FX Planet also offers clean-up services to its clients, making clean-up a breeze.

Q: How is confetti launched?

A: In large production shows we use professional wireless cannons that are powered by compressed air. We also use Blasters that are powered by small or large CO2 tanks. For personal retail confetti launchers, they are powered by CO2 cartridges and 20oz. CO tanks. All methods are safe ways to launch confetti when properly used, however, do not point any of these cannons, blasters or launchers at any one when launching confetti as this could inflict serious injury.

Q: Is there Environmentally Friendly confetti?

A: Yes, there most certainly is!! We offer 2 types, one made of corn starch paper and the other from rice paper. Both dissolved on contact with water. These types of confetti can be offered in both streamers and slowfall in a multitude of colors and are great for venues where environmental compliance is necessary.

Q: Why should we do confetti?

A: Because it is fun!! People love excitement and big surprises. You see happy, smiling, and excited people (even some adults becoming kids again!!) enjoying themselves at the events that they attend, events that were taken to a whole new level of presentation with confetti. An event has ten times more WOW factor with confetti than without.

Q: Is the confetti flame proof?

A: All our Tissue & Metallic/PVC confetti Streamers and Slowfall are flame retardant.

Q: Aren’t all confetti launchers the same?

A: Basically yes, there are many types out there being sold, and most of them use a type of CO2 cartridge to fire them off. But, make sure the one you use has been manufactured correctly and is safe. Buy a launcher

Q: What is a Production show?

A: A production show is where we provide all the equipment, material, operator and set-up/tear down for your desired event. As professionals, we create the best set-up that will make the best effect of the confetti launched for your event. Clean up services (if purchased) is usually done after all festivities are over.